Creating an engaging
E-Commerce Experience

We worked with CC&S to create a dominant web presence, where users can come & get information on their hours & location as well as shop the full line of gear for their clientele.

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Cedar Coffee & Supply, Alpine Texas


We have worked with CC&S for the last 2 years, they saw a need to merge their online store (they used with their web site. Wanting a coherent look & feel for their web presence was important for their brand.

Their visitors have increased by 41% due to updated SEO & keyword matching. We have also seen their bounce rates go down by 36% & average sessions increase by 67% in comparison to the previous period. Engaging the customer in the whole experience was one main goal of the revamped design.


Cedar Coffee & Supply, Alpine Texas

Give the People What They Want

As the main clientele for Cedar Coffee & Supply are travelers or vacationers to West Texas they get an influx of visitors wanting to know where they are located & when they are open! We felt the need to make it very easy for users to find these points on their web site.

First we created a custom JS Code snippet allowing a user to know if CC&S is open while they are browsing (a concept we really liked from Yelp, Google etc.). Displaying messages such as: "Open Now", "Closing Soon", "Opening Soon", "Open tomorrow at 7am" providing users a pleasant welcome along with an informational message.

Cedar Coffee & Supply, Alpine Texas

Integrated E-Commerce

We wanted the usability of a E-Commerce solution with the flexibility of a totally custom design, as we don't have a full-stack developer on staff it gave us the opportunity to improvise. So after much research & pros / cons of the different platforms out there.

We chose to go with the "Shopify Buy Button" as it provided us with the ability to implant the products in our custom design with the ease of the Shopify Backend (order management, inventory, payment processing etc.) and allowed us to create an incredibly cohesive design for their web site.

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Full Menu on Display

When traveling it is always nice to rely on accurate, detailed information especially when you need caffeine. CC&S has a very simple menu, including drinks at most of your specialty coffee cafes around the world.

In addition to their regular menu, they also come out with seasonal offerings.

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Finished Product

We provided CC&S with an immersive e-commerce experience, revamped their design aesthetic, & reorganized their hierarchy of information. We went back into their SEO & provided keywords throughout their website to increase organic traffic through search engines.

Linking their Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business & Trip Advisor to their websites creates multiple cross marketing opportunities as well as increases that organic traffic.

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