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We had an incredible opportunity to work with Epek Ltd. in creating a full service e-commerce marketplace, the most advanced & feature rich of it's kind. The total project was to integrate a marketplace with functionality to search by location much like Craigslist.

Sellers could post items both for a fixed price & an auction price, much like Ebay, & then accept payment either by PayPal or via a physical pickup of the product and exchange of cash. We designed both the front facing web application & the backend for the Sellers to add items, create their store, profile etc. We also optimized the design of this platform for Desktop, iPad native, iOS Native, Android & the mobile web version.

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Searching & Finding on Epek

Finding what you need is one thing, finding exactly what you need is something different, we wanted to make sure the whole process of searching could be as exansive as a user wanted or as focused. It is very important to offer a user total control in the search process, so whether that is predictive typing or filters after a query is made, we provided all the best options.

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Account Management

Designing for multiple platforms means desinging a lot of screens, below we have some of the Mobile web screens. Most of these are for the account management section, where a user can track orders, message the sellers, rate sellers, check notifications (which are robust in & of themselves). We provided a detailed tracking order system, complete with route mapping to see where your package is in real time.

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Ordering on Epek

Working with the CEO & Product Lead, we decided it was best to provide a unique experience to whichever platform a user was currently on. We designed specifically for the web, Desktop, Tablet, iOS Mobile & Android Mobile along with a iOS Native App. We worked on creating two user experiences; one for an auction item & one for a fixed price item with & without variations.

We decided to use bottom modals for easy access of the thumbs, so that users could comfortable change quanities or items when searching for that special something.

Order Management

We knew that with the variety of payment options, shipping options & having the ability to order from multiple vendors could provide some trouble on the backend in Order Management.

We had to come up with a variety of alternate states to display problems that a user could run into, Failed Payment, Shipping Delay, Card expiration etc. We tried to present the solution to these problems all in a concise repeatable form where the problems could be dealt with sequentially.

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Finished Product

Due to the immensity of this project, the platform is still in development, but as we get closer to the launch we know the great people of England will enjoy their new addictive marketplace exceptionally well.

For our designs, we used Photoshop & created prototypes in Invision app to get a grasp on the load of the project in small snippets.

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