Creating a modern interface for a cutting edge Meeting App.

We had the pleasure to work with Kutamo, a startup out of Australia that is at the forefront of this remote meeting app era. We redid their robust backend & created an interface that would allow users to easily navigate the app.

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Kutamo Meeting App


Kutamo came to us with a robust, advanced backend but a front end that absolutely sucked, it wasn’t intutive it was very bare-bones & rudimentary because they wanted an MVP to launch, we came in & helped reskin their entire platform front-end & back-end to help them compete with the industry leaders.

We were also part of them adding new features to their existing app (such as audio & video calling) and designing everything for mobile using a bootstrap grid to help keep consistency across devices. We overcame a number of navigation issues they had by coming up with a clear set of icons for the entire app & displaying the nav promiently on a left side bar.


Kutamo Meeting App

Easy access, dashboard & meeting schedule

We felt that in order to truly allow the app to work well & users to find it beneficial we needed to prominently display some of the more important features of the app, namely the meeting schedule. When a user has meetings coming up, who will attend, what they will be going over etc. is important for users so we displayed it right on the dashboard.

Kutamo Meeting App

Meeting on the go? No Problem, full mobile integration.

Taking all of the functions that are present in the desktop and fitting them onto a mobile screen was possibly one of the toughest challenges for our team as we wanted to coherantly take the navigation, meeting agenda, members & primary options and keep them as main fixtures while organizing the layout to still be clean & not over-cluttery for a user.

Kutamo Meeting App
Kutamo Meeting App

Keep things organized & coherant

We think that there are some pretty good standards out there for messages, notifications, profile information etc. So we wanted to keep things as logical as possible, creating an atmosphere where a user could come into a familar environment with a small learning curve so that more users can use Kutamo right away.

Create a Meeting in a matter of minutes

Taking Kutamos robust meeting abilities & simplifying them for a user in order to go through the process in a matter of minutes was one of best parts of designing for this application. Implementing icons instead of where we could to cut down on the clutter involved in these screens.

We improved the overall experience of the user by cleaning up & creating a pleasant customer journey through one of the most important parts of the app, creating a meeting, adding team members, files & agenda items so that all users can know the flow of the upcoming meeting.

Kutamo Meeting App
Kutamo Meeting App

Finished Product

You know when you work on a project & as you are working on it becomes how evident & useful the product is? That was Kutamo for us, as we dove headfirst with Matthew into his project we just constantly realized how awesome & feature rich this application was. It was quite a pleasure working with Matthew in bringing his brainchild to reality in a modern way.

"Kaleo was given a very vague brief, but delivered an outstanding set of assets that completely addressed our requirements. The project was delivered ahead of schedule. We will definitely hire Kaleo again for ongoing future projects."

CEO, Kutamo

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