A Native Ordering System for Restuarants & Cafes

We had the pleasure of working with a startup out of Pennsylvania, creating the infrastructure for resturants to create & maintain a menu for customers to order from.

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Menu Drive / App Design


Menudrive has had a web presence for quite sometime but as other competitors moved to the Native App space, it made a lot of sense for their clientele to do the same. As users become more action oriented when ordering online, they want a fluid quick experience that is informative & leading, so as not to redo monotenous steps previously accomplished.

We wanted a fluid experiece for users when placing an order for the first time along with re-ordering a favorite past order. Another challenge we had to provide for was shops with multiple locations & pick-up, delivery, eat in options.

Menu Drive / App Design Menu Drive / App Design

Creating an Easy Flow for Users

We wanted finding a location, ordering your favorite items & placing an order to be as easy as possible. We provided for mulitple payment options that can be utilized within the App, which provides for a greater range of users being able to access payment for their order, whether you have a gift card, want to pre-pay with a credit card or pay cash on pick up you are able to select which one works best for you.

Menu Drive / App Design
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Choosing Stores & Services

There was a lot of trouble shooting involved in this design as we were basically making a structure for other stores to customize & adapt to their own infrastructures. A few of these problems that we ran into were variation issues; what if a company has multiple locations & what kind of service if they have multiple forms (i.e. Delivery, Pickup, Dine In, etc.).

One of the first steps in setting up an order is choosing which storefront you want to pickup from, that way we could guide a user through that locations available menu, services etc. We also added an option to setup a time for a users order or to order As Soon As Possible.

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Apple Watch Screens

Bite App Map View Bite App Map View Bite App Map View Bite App Map View

Progressive Gestures

We made ordering as easy & as intuitive as possible, using a swipe gesture to add an item to your cart & a press and hold gesture to select a specific quanity amount to your basket.

We wanted to guide users through the menus as quick & easy as possible allowing the storefronts to collect as many orders as possible through their ordering interface.

According to some Studies 24% of Cart Abandonment comes from “being unable to calculate costs upfront”, we made sure to negate those 24% from having that excuse by providing a running cart total in the upper right corner along with giving indicators of what items on the menu were already added to the cart (that way a user wouldn’t have to view the cart in order to check their status).

Bite App Map View
Bite App Map View

Finished Product

Through the process of designing for iOS, Android & Apple Watch we came up with a sustainable & native functioning app for each platform. Utilizing best practices both from Apple & Google for their respective platforms, we came up with a design that is fluid & natural no matter what device you have in your pocket or on your wrist.

This app will be launching later this year & we are excited to see it as you are, so check back here for updates!

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