Modern Solution to finding Medications at reduced rates

In the age of information, ease of use & user experience are key in order to make any product successful. Simon Health looks to push the boundaries of medication discovery at reduced pricing.

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Simon Health looks to bring the ease of Airbnb to the healthcare industry, working off of inventories stored by Pharmacies around your location, to find you the best deal for the medications you need to take. Simon Health isn’t health Insurance, but it is a search engine with an extensive database of medications stored so that users can easily locate the best price & pick up their medications at the pharmacy.

Simon is looking to break into the healthcare industry with an innovative solution for buying medications, with younger generations being so tech-savvy & search oriented, Trent Goddard (CEO of Simon Health) wanted to come up with a solution to make this weekly problem as easy as possible.

Sudden Coffee Web Design

When healthcare is involved, help is necessary

If you have had any experience with dealing with healthcare, there are always an abundance of questions & details that you want to sort through before being able to trust sources. Simon Health needed us to implement an extensive help system with FAQ’s, live chat & proper contact information so that users can easily get ahold of Simon as they browse.

We designed everything in the backend of BigCommerce, customizing an existing theme with our designs, which were solidified in the early stages of our partnership with Simon Health.

Sudden Coffee Web Design

Integrated E-Commerce & Dynamic Search

Utilizing BigCommerce, we designed all the elements displayed on the Simon Health pages, we made it so that a content manager could go in & tweak wording & information on the site as needed while not losing the functionality of BigCommerce or the integregity of the design that we first implemented.

We also helped solve Simon Health's problem of outdated design & a bad user experience with their old design, preventing them from being accredited & recognized by top healthcare gatekeepers to be able to provide this service to the public.

Simon Health / Modern Healthcare

Powerful Search Engine

With a powerful database of existing medications, the predictive search & therein the search results needed some special displaying, so all of that incredible power could be utilized properly.

We made the search bar prominent both on the Desktop & Mobile version, as we saw the need for users to have it accessible at all times while on the site.

Simon Health / Modern Healthcare
Simon Health / Modern Healthcare

Finished Product

We provided Simon Health with a modern design that would reach their target market, increasing their user interaction & conversion rates significantly.

We also allowed them to be reviewed & accredited by the Better Business Bureu & some major Healthcare Gatekeepers who monitor activity based on drug sales etc.

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