Rethinking Student Portals like never before.

We had the great pleasure of working with Yoga London, London's premier yoga instructor school. We worked with them to design the backend of their app, for students, teachers & admins.

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Yoga London came to us with the need of upgrading their backend along with totally revamping the functionality & breadth of their portal app. They are a on-the-ground school in England with mulitple campus locations & a variety of courses for differing skill levels of Yoga Teachers.

Our job was to come in & totally revamp their backend, starting with an improved UX flow for newly registered students, teachers & admins, then revamping the way that Teachers marked attendence & handled homework (all submitted online). Lastly we upgraded the scheduling system for Students, Teachers & Admins so that they could check their schedule on the fly, our focus on was mobile, as most of the users would be checking using their phones on the way to class or planning their week.

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Simple Registration Flow

Before their registration form was lengthy & cumbersome for a new user to fill out quickly which deterred some newly applied students from finishing registration & enrolling in courses. There were about 16 odd fields that needed to be filled in so that their online profile could be complete.

We came in & evaluated their situation & found that most of the information that was being filled out was present on the application form students & teachers would previously fill out in order to get to the registration process, and was already being entered digitally by an application assistant.

So we cut out the middle part of a new user re-entering that information, which cut down the lengthy experience of filling out over a dozen form fields.

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Intuitive & Responsive Schedule Display

Their old design had a very outdated table design view, which was hard to read & comprehend on the fly and was the farthest thing from mobile friendly since Adobe Flash.

We came in & rearranged their content into cards, displaying all the necessary information for users in a proper hierarchy and that could be read on all devices easily, we wanted students to be able to find out when their classes were, where they were at & what home work they had due. We decided a small date assigned dashboard would do the trick, providing a black colored header for classes that had homework due within the week & providing students with an easy way to submit that work online.

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Bridging the Gap Between Mobile & Desktop

In web apps, it is very common to have some incredible functionality on desktop, the trouble is always translating that to mobile & tablet, where the use of a mouse is obsolete. Since the average user in the UK is using their mobile device more & more, and as YL's user base is generally on the fly, we needed to implement document upload, coursework viewing, user management & payments.

We found that keeping users on the same page & streamlining the process for those tasks was best done with the use of Modals, to cut down on the page load times increase the fluidity for the user. We also saw how this would work on mobile and mirrors a(n iOS) native atmosphere the best.

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Course Resources

If you have been to school you know there are a billion things each course requires of you, required reading, documents, class notes, powerpoints, assignments, homework etc. Yoga Londons courses are no different, but what is different is they wanted all of those resources available online within their portal.

We provided an easy layout for document upload & retrievement so that users can manage what they have on their computers and in their portal at all times.

Secondary Actions in Modal Designs

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Finished Product

A fully functioning up to date Web App, optimized for mobile & useful for Students, Teachers, and Admins at Yoga London. With a top notch web experience in place, YL can focus on what they do best, train Yoga Masters to be at peace.

We shipped this project at the beginning of 2017, and we are excited to see how Yoga Londons school continues to thrive with this new tool in place.

"Kaleo Design is very reliable, communicative, and delivers exceptional work. I would be happy to work with them again. Thank you!"

Project Manager, Yoga London

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