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Interactive Design

Designing a beautiful web site is one thing; but streamlining that beautiful layout, and accompanying it with great user experience is another. When we start a project, we are committed to work with you through the whole process. Our sites are hand coded, but we have experience in customizing premium Wordpress themes to accommodate those who want the flexibility of updating their own sites.

Whether you want to be update your current situation, or are looking for a dynamic, start-from-scratch product, we are able to help you accomplish the task. The most important thing we value is the projection of providing the best environment for the people who visit your site, and the one that can offer a pleasant experience.



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FED [ front-end development ]


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Front-End Development

Designing a beautiful web-site is one thing, taking that beautiful layout with all of the UX componments into full production is the ultimate package. At Kaleo design, we are able to work with you through the whole design process to the completion of making your web site fully interactive and reachable by your customers. We hand code all of the web sites that we design in HTML & CSS, we than make them interactive using CSS Animations, jquery, or Edge Animate for advanced web animations. We have experience in customizing premium wordpress themes and advancing the flexiblity for a client to update their own site.

Whether you need to make an interactive project to grab clients attention or make a exciting way to reach your customers with new products or news. Or if you just want to be up to date and provide the most fluid cohesive user experience possible. We are able to help you accomplish this task. We have an acute sense for advanced HTML & CSS, being able to stylize your web site no matter the platform you use. We are able to use jquery in order to add some interactivity to your site as you can see with past projects. The one thing we value the most is being able to provide the best environment for the visitors of your site to have a pleasant experience.



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UX [ user experience ]


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us·er ex·pe·ri·ence

noun: user experience; plural noun: user experiences
noun: user experience; plural noun: user experiences 1. the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, esp. in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

UX (User Experience) signifies all of the elements and factors related to the users interaction with a particular environment, or device. UX is really the key place that generates a positive or negative response, based on the accessibility, functions, and the on-the-whole interactivity the product employs.

We believe that when users visit a site, they should be able to do more than read static content. Part of keeping users on a page is keeping them interested. The best way to cultivate this is to make your site memorable by allowing the elements to respond to the users, as they interact with your web site or application.


We have extense experience in Information Architecture, making userflows and storyboards almost as much as we drink coffee, and we drink a lot of coffee. We know how important it is for anyone intereacting with a site to have a clear idea of what they are doing and where they are going, our purpose is to make complex scenarios extremely easy for even non-tech savvy individuals.

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UI [ user interface ]


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us·er in·ter·face

noun: user interface; plural noun: user interfaces 1. The means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

UI (User Interface) The beauty of a clean and simple interface is what brings the experience of the user to life. Our theory is that if you can make your content as easy to find as possible, and allow the space one views it on to be free from unnecessary and distracting elements, you will gain success. We specialize in minimal, efficient workspaces.

Kinds of UI Design:


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RWD [ responsive web design ]


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responsive web design

Everyday there is something new; a new way to connect, a new way to interact, a new product to try - a new video on YouTube. What catches the attention of people?

More and more people are using their mobile devices to view web sites. This common phenomenon is something that we have known about for a while. The web world’s adjustment to this means that there is an increased emphasis on applying website’s accessibility and adjustability to every screen, and to every size. This process is referred to as Responsive Web Design [RWD]. At KDM, we make sure that - regardless of your product/service - it reaches your audience in the simplest way possible, on any device - sin zooming in and out, and clicking unnecessary action buttons.



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Kaleo Design

We help create functional interfaces for better human interaction with digital products.


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senior ui/ux designer - kaleo design

Rachael Sanchez-Daniels

Rachael loves working on creative projects, where she can explore all of the inspiration sites that there are.

Unlike Andrew, she does a little more than just mess with rectangles here & there... she also has a hate for all things social & privacy threatening, hence the short bio.


Art Director

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Kaleo Design Animation

senior ui/ux designer - kaleo design

Andrew Daniels

I manage all of our projects here at KDM, I have over 3 years experience designing a multitude of interfaces for the web & native. I am currently the UX Design Lead for Epek Ltd.

My position is in User Experience & working on User Task Flows, Wireframes, Interaction flows and preparing assets for iOS Developers. I have worked with both national & international clients, being lead or being the only designer on a job, managing, designing, reiterating designs & preparing for delivery.


Sr. UI/UX Designer




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